Espire- elite sports performance and injury rehabilitation experience

Having spent over 20 years in professional football, initially as a professional football player and more recently as a Physiotherapist, I have always wanted to allow the general public to experience the high standard of care that a professional athlete receives, this is why I decided to set up espire physiotherapy clinic.

At espire physiotherapy clinic we provide extensive experience in acute injury, overuse injury and post-operative management of typical musculoskeletal injuries. I believe in continually developing my own academic knowledge in musculoskeletal injuries to provide the best treatment for my patients, thus recently completing a master degree in Sports Injury Rehabilitation.

My own experiences having suffered many injuries, including undergoing 13 operations, allows me to fully understand and empathise with each of my patients, as I fully understand your frustrations, not only as a physiotherapist but as someone who has experienced not being able to do something they could do prior to sustaining an injury.

My continual academic learning and personal experiences as a professional footballer, I believe, allows me to offer you the best evidence based treatment for your condition, receiving your treatment in a fantastic environment with great facilities including the benefits of one on one, hands on care, similar to that of a professional athlete.

At espire physiotherapy all our treatments and advice is patient centered. During initial assessment, together we will identify your problems, set realistic goals, provide manual therapy and finally design an individual rehabilitation programme suitable for you to achieve your targets. The initial assessment will also highlight specific reasons for your condition, therefore the treatment you receive will differ from patient to patient, making the rehabilitation process unique to you.

Kind regards,
                    Paul Morgan: MCSP, MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation, BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy.

So why choose Espire Physiotherapy?

  • We provide up to date, evidence based rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Assessment and Rehabilitation of all injuries is individualised and tailored to You
  • We dont just treat the symptoms, we also treat the cause to reduce the risk of future injury
  • We provide you with advice and knowledge so that when you leave our practice you can continue to work on reducing your chances of injury reoccurrence.

Remember the words “experience” or “expert” doesn’t mean anything without substance! Working for 10 years as a physio doesn’t mean you have experience or are an expert.

Always check each physiotherapists qualifications and background.

Are their qualifications relevant for your type of injury?

Have they done a masters or post graduate certificate or diploma in the relevant area for the service they are offering?

Do they continually keep up with their own CPD? Giving you the patient the best evidence based treatment.?

If No, do more research and find a physiotherapist more suited for your condition.

Mick Rathbone – Former professional Footballer & Physio
Gareth McAuley – West Brom and Northern Ireland Footballer
James Beattie – Former England Striker


"Paul was an outstanding young player whose progress was disrupted by injury. That inspired him to become a fully qualified physiotherapist himself. Those difficulties coupled with his natural humility and charm make him one of…
Mick Rathbone – Former professional Footballer & Physio


"Paul has always been a true professional through out our playing days together, and after studying and gaining his masters in sports injury rehabilitation, this professionalism has followed him into his new Career. With Paul's…
Gareth McAuley – West Brom and Northern Ireland Footballer


"Brilliant work Morgs! Deserved mate and hope it's a huge success. With your work ethic and dedication to your work I'm sure it will be".
James Beattie – Former England Striker